Silk and Spice Red Blend

Brand: Silk & Spice

Vintage: Current

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Silk & Spice Red Blend

A wine which pays homage to the adventure of the Portuguese sailors that explored the world in the XV Century. The route from Europe to the Indian Ocean – known as the “Silk & Spice Route” – was pioneered by Vasco da Gama who rounded the Cape of Good Hope in 1498. Flavors like nutmeg, cinnamon and pepper changed world cuisine, while silk from China became prized for its luxurious touch. An original XV century map on the label shows the Bay of Bengal, separating South and Southeast Asia, and the Portuguese coat of arms, a historical graphical element dating to 1248.


Wine Enthusiast: 90 Points Best Buy

Vintage - 2014

Wine Enthusiast: 90 Points Best Buy, Top 100 of 2017

Vintage - 2015

Wine Enthusiast: 90 Points Best Buy

Vintage - 2016

Wine Enthusiast: 90 Points Best Buy, Top 100 of 2018, #15

Vintage - 2016