TY KU Junmai Sake Daiginjo Ultra Premium

Brand: TY KU


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TY KU Junmai Sake Daiginjo Ultra Premium


TY KU Sake Daiginjo Ultra Premium Sake is a very elite and highly rare Sake. It is also the “top destination for all Sakes.” This Sake is also for the true connoisseur as the people that have the ability to appreciate and distinguish the very best. It is also the crown jewel of all Sakes.

This Sake is made of four ingredients- premium, non-GMO rice, pure soft water, yeast, and handmade koji. These ingredients make it one of the purest alcoholic beverages on the planet. It is also a clean alternative to wine has 12 to 15 percent alcohol by volume and is Gluten-free, Sulfite-free, Tannin-free, and it is five times less acidic than wine. It is also handcrafted at and imported from the well-known Umenoyado right in the heart of Nara, Japan.

If you are in need of foods to serve with this Sake, you can serve mushroom risotto, burritos, hot dogs, fried chicken, popcorn, and chocolate bundt cake. They will bring out the flavor of this best Sake ever.