Barefoot Buttery Chardonnay

Brand: Barefoot


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Born from vines deeply rooted in the fertile soils of Sonoma and Napa Valley, our Barefoot Buttery Chardonnay shines with a golden hue, mimicking the setting sun of its birthplace. Each bottle invites you to experience the lushness of an ideal vintage year, promising an enlivening aroma that captivates your senses before the first sip.

Our Buttery Chardonnay boasts a creamy, full-bodied texture and an enchanting flavor profile. You'll discover notes of freshly baked apple pie, tropical pineapple, and a hint of vanilla spice – a complex tapestry that reflects the rich landscapes of its origin. Crisp, clean acidity gives way to a luxuriously long finish that leaves you yearning for the next divine sip.

Engage your senses with Barefoot Buttery Chardonnay. Immerse yourself in the romance of Californian winemaking and taste the spirit of a blissful, sun-kissed season bottled up in our alluring white wine.