Barefoot On Tap Riesling 3 Liter

Brand: Barefoot


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Experience the essence of a Californian summer with our Barefoot On Tap Riesling 3 Liter. This delectable wine takes you on a transcendent journey to the sunlit vineyards of California's world-renowned wine regions, during a season where the grapes were exceptionally lush and the weather, divine.

Barefoot On Tap Riesling hails from the vineyards of Central Valley, where the soils are ripe with minerals, and the days are filled with radiant sunshine. Picture a brilliant summer, marked by cloudless skies and the vivacious hustle of grape harvest. This was the auspicious year when this Riesling was birthed, a year so memorable, its essence was immortalized in every 3 Liter box.

This lively Riesling is renowned for its refreshingly light body and an enchanting array of flavors. Invigorate your palate with vibrant notes of ripe peaches, juicy pears, and a hint of zesty citrus. Each sip is a delightful dance between sweetness and acidity, resulting in a wine that’s perfectly balanced and incredibly refreshing.