Korbel Extra Dry California Champagne

Brand: Korbel

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Korbel Cellars California Champagne Extra Dry

Korbel Cellars California Champagne Extra Dry is an exotic blend of citrus notes and heady spices and vanilla. This dry champagne is both fresh and light, a true treat for the palate. Enjoy salads with fruit based dressings and spicy foods that have ingredients like cilantro, ginger, and chilies to complement the light refreshing flavors of this champagne.

A is a full-bodied cabernet sauvignon that boast rich fruity flavors of cherry, blackcurrant, and plum and deep spicy notes of licorice and nutmeg, complemented by well-balanced acidity. This rich full sauvignon pairs well with equally full and savory foods. Enjoy this spirit with rich tomato based pasta dishes and beef rib roast.