TY KU Junmai Ginjo Sake Black

Brand: TY KU


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TY KU Junmai Ginjo Sake Black


TY KU Junmai Ginjo Sake Black is brewed in and imported from Nara, Japan. It is quickly becoming the most popular Sake in America with its exceptional quality, taste, and style. It has a rich and silky texture with hints of peach and vanilla notes. It is made out of specialty Yamada Nishiki & Akebono Sake rice. The rice it is made out of is so polished that only 55% of the grain remains, a process that gets rid of impurities and it refines the taste. Foods that go well with this Sake are meat skewers, steak, seafood (especially crabs and raw oysters), Soba, Hot Pot, and ice cream (especially vanilla topped with sweet Sake).