Wilson Creek Almond California Champagne

Brand: Wilson Creek

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Top Selling Almond Champagne

Wilson Creek Vineyards Almond California Champagne

Wilson Creek Almond Champagne is a gold-medal winning sparkling wine from southern California’s Temecula Valley wine country. Fermented with an unexpected hint of almond that is sweet without being cloying. See More Options

Tantalizing after dinner treat

Wilson Creek Almond Champagne makes a tantalizing after dinner treat that marries well with desserts, soft cheeses and fresh fruits.

This Wilson Creek Almond gold-medal winning champagne is also referred to as the "OH MY GOSH" champagne.

Naturally fermented, with just a hint of pure almond

This white sparkling wine is naturally fermented, with just a hint of pure almond added so it's guaranteed to dazzle your guests. A must-have champagne to make any occasion extra special. Great with desserts, cuddling, hot tubs, picnics, fireplaces, brunches, and parties. Very popular at all the weddings here.

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