Yellow Tail Pink Moscato

Brand: Yellow Tail

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Yellow Tail Moscato

Discover the mesmerizing world of luxury with Yellow Tail Pink Moscato - an epitome of opulence crafted meticulously in Australia's renowned vineyards. This exclusive pink moscato is a symbol of sophistication and elegance, designed explicitly for the lavish tastes of the rich and prominent.

The Yellow Tail Pink Moscato is a seductive dance of flavors. Every sip unveils luscious notes of juicy strawberry, succulent pear, and a hint of zesty lemon, embraced by a kiss of enchanting floral undertones. Its charming sweetness and sprightly bubbles create a symphony of sensations, delivering an immersive and thrilling wine-drinking experience.

Unbelievably delicious, [yellow tail] Pink Moscato has a tantalizing light fizz that dances on your tongue and tapers into a finish that is fresh and crisp.

Delightful aromas of strawberry, musk and pomegranate.

Zingy and refreshing, bursting with ripe strawberries and red apple flavours.

Well chilled on its own, or with your favourite dessert.