Rosé Wines To Bring For A Picnic

May 02, 2018

Rosé Wines To Bring For A Picnic
Rosé wines are pink wines that are made from red grapes. The pink color can range from a light colored orange to a darker purple depending on what grapes were used and the way that the wine was made. There are different styles of rose wines.

Some styles of rose wines are made from Rhone grapes. A few of those styles of wine include: Syrah, Grenache, and Carignan and are grown in the hotter regions like Provence, Languedoc, Australia, and Argentina. In France, rose wine sales are higher than those of white wine, and, in the United States, there is an increased production of varietals that are used to make rose wine. Rose wine is a beautiful summer wine.

Rosé wine is a beautiful summer wine. It pairs well with lighter dishes like salads, cold pasta, and “picnic food” such as sandwiches. Their light fruit flavors are ideal for a summer day and will make any summer event festive. Some popular rose wines are Provencal (classic) and Argentine new age rose wines that are made from Malbec and/or Bonarda. The Best Wine Store has a good variety of rose wines that are ideal for picnics or any occasion.

No matter what kind of rose wine you need and/or want, The Best Wine Store has a rose wine for you. If you are looking for an inexpensive bottle of rose wine, there is the Black Box Rose Wine that starts at $4.99. It can be found here: Black Box Rose Wine. If a high-quality rose wine is what you are looking for, then the Bertrand Senecourt Beau Joie Special Cuvee Brut Rose (cost $109.99) can be found here: Bertrand Senecourt Beau Joie Special Cuvee Brut Rose. There are a great variety of Rosé Wines at The Best Wine Store and they can be found here: Rosé Wines.

While you are enjoying a picnic on a pleasant day or another occasion, these rose wines are ideal for any event and The Best Wine Store will be glad to provide you with any of these perfect wines.

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