November 14, 2017

Tips For Choosing Thanksgiving Wine

Tips For Choosing Thanksgiving Wine - TBWS
People spend weeks maybe even months planning their Thanksgiving day centerpiece, menu, and table settings. What about the wine or wines that will be served on turkey day? Some people go back and forth on what wine to serve with the numerous amounts of food that will be served that day. They may also forget about serving wine on Thanksgiving day. Whether you have prepared to serve wine or are going to wing it and buy it at the last minute, this article will give you the tips that you need to buy wine for Thanksgiving day.

**The Cuisine is The Center of Attention on Thanksgiving**

For people that love to cook or just love to eat, Thanksgiving is like the Grammy’s and the Super Bowl combined. It is thought of as the biggest food day of the year. On Thanksgiving day, a typical menu usually consists of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, cranberry sauce, rolls, and a variety of pies. No matter whether traditional foods or a new spin is being put on the traditional foods, there will always be a great variety of tastes and textures on the table. It is perfectly fine to let the food be the center of attention and for the wine to complement it. Select wines that complement the wine instead of competing with it. Fresh and young wines will go perfectly with what you serve on Thanksgiving day. Also, instead of selecting a red or white wine, just set them on the table and let your guests select the wine that they want. Wine service should be very simple on Thanksgiving day.

**Less is Best**

For the majority of people, Thanksgiving is a very busy and long day. People get up early to put the turkey in the oven, keep busy until the meal is served, and even after that. We may try some wine while we are cooking with it and then we may also drink some during Thanksgiving dinner through the evening while the festivities and fun continue. It is a non-stop flurry and people need to stay active and energized throughout the day. Therefore, it is a good idea to serve wines that have less alcohol in them. Every bottle of wine has the alcohol content (alcohol by volume) content somewhere on the label. White wines usually have less than twelve percent alcohol by volume and red wines usually have less than fourteen percent alcohol by volume. Other light wine ideas are ciders, sparkling wines, and spritzers.

**Consider Wine a Condiment**

Trying to figure out what wine to serve can be overwhelming. It is less daunting when the wine is thought out of as a condiment. If zesty side dishes alongside the more traditional side dishes, then a zesty white wine with fresh herbal aromas and crisp citrusy flavors should be part of the Thanksgiving menu. If a tangy cranberry relish is served with a Thanksgiving meal, then red wines with a lovely tart red fruit character will be a great addition to the meal.

If you are not sure what wine will be ideal for your Thanksgiving day feast, these tips should clearly help you figure it out and you will be one step closer to planning out your perfect Thanksgiving day.