October 12, 2017

Is boxed wine a good fresh wine choice?

Is boxed wine a good fresh wine choice? - TBWS

What is a good pinot noir box wine?

Why boxed wine? Will your wine taste as good or is there a difference in quality between bagged and bottled? Winemakers have battled for centuries (yes, centuries!) to keep wine fresh in the bottle and once opened. Air is necessary to help wine's aromas open up, but too much exposure to air, for too long, will take away the freshness, leaving flat, unpleasantly tangy, dull wine. When a wine is "bottled" in a vacuum-sealed bag, and dispensed with an airtight spout, the freshness can last up to two weeks. For Pinot Noir, a notoriously fickle grape, the preservation of freshness found in bagged wine keeps its delicate flavors and light acidity fresh and bright. Here are some favorites:

Botta Box Pinot Noir offers bright aromas of cherry, blackberry, and cocoa. This medium-bodied Pinot Noir has plush flavors of strawberry and cherry with hints of soft, toasty oak, which lead into elegant mid-palate tannins and a clean finish.

Black Box Wines Pinot Noir features enticing aromas of strawberry and red cherry with complementary notes of toasty oak. Fresh berry and cocoa flavors lead to a delicate, lingering finish.

Bota Box Wine Black Box Wine